The questioning of the existing is the basis for the work of the architect and designer Sebastian Schützdeller. The focus of his products is on the harmonious interplay of clear shapes, reduced color and high-quality materials.
A love for detail, the haptics of materials and the joy of change are what distinguish the designs. In doing so, attention is always paid to the origin of the materials and their sustainability. Therefore the production is taking place 100% in Germany. For his work, Sebastian Schützdeller has already been nominated for the German Design Award.


In addition to the formal language, the design process also focuses on the simple and self-explanatory use of the nal product.
The infinitely variable height adjustment directly at the table, the assembly without tools or the concealment of all mechanically necessary fastening elements is just as important as the clear and reduced formal language of the products.


The products are manufactured as handmade unique pieces in workshops for people with disabilities. The combination of serial design products and their manual production makes the particular charm of the creations.
All workshops are already included in the conceptual stages during the development process, in order to create a detailed and common idea of the product. In particular, the focus is on the highest quality requirements and the longevity of the products.

A final product inspection takes place before the dispatch by STUDIO SCHÜTZDELLER in order to ensure that only products of the highest quality leave the studio.